The New Advocate Events Website

Onwards and Upwards

New site, new logo, some old great fun

Here at Advocate Events we are dedicated to providing a great service for our clients, businesses and charities. And then looking what we could improve we thought it was about time that we gave the website a spring clean.

Looking Good

So we put our heads together to create this new great site, along with our new logo which we hope you like. We will continue to provide great events that are both enjoyable, rewarding and raise lots of funds for our charities. New events and challenges added to our catalogue throughout the year.

So whether you are looking for a team building event for your business, looking to improve your brand awareness, or an individual looking for a new challenge see what we have in store for you. Likewise if you're a charity wishing for more interesting fundraising events our team will be able to organise something for you.

Keep in touch

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The Advocate Events team.

20 March 2013 17:27:00 Categories: Advocate Events Charity Events