Congratulations on choosing to take part in an Advocate Events' Challenge....the event of a lifetime!!

Please find below our simple terms and conditions for your challenge. It is important that you read and agree to these, as primarily they are designed to ensure your safety and wellbeing throughout the event. By completing and returning your registration document and registration fee you are confirming your agreement to these terms.


By completing and returning your registration document to us you are committing to the challenge.

If you are required to pay a registration fee it is essential that you pay this at the same time as sending your registration document, your participation cannot be guaranteed until we receive this. This registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances unless otherwise stated on your specific event’s page.

Once you have signed up for the event you will have 14 days in which to cancel from the date we acknowledge receipt of your documentation, your registration fee will be refunded and you will be under no further obligation to us or your chosen charity. We will need this information in writing BY EMAIL.

After this point you are legally obliged to pay the event fee in full - please bear this in mind when signing up, there will be no exceptions to this and further action will be taken if necessary to secure the amount outstanding.

We recommend that you take out an insurance policy to cover you in the event that an injury, or any personal situation that may arise that renders you unable to participate.

Payment Options

Self-fund your challenge completely in a one off payment or by instalments.

The trip cost of your chosen option must be with Advocate Events three months before the event.

If you have agreed to pay by instalments the payment plan is a legally binding agreement and you agree to pay the instalments on the due date and until full payment has been received by us.

Self-fund your challenge and choose to fundraise for one of our charity partners or the charity of your choice.

The trip cost of your chosen option must be with Advocate Events three months before the event.

Fundraise 100% of the agreed target

The minimum sponsorship must be with the charity by the date stated on your specific event’s page. This does not include Gift Aid. You will be contacted after this date if minimum sponsorship is not received.

To participate in the challenge, participants must raise the minimum sponsorship at least in addition to paying the non-refundable registration fee.

Prior to the event

Participants are responsible for their own medical condition. If you are in any doubt about your fitness you must contact your doctor before signing up for the event. Anyone suffering from any relevant medical conditions, illnesses or disabilities must let it be known at the time of booking, and anytime thereafter if their situation changes.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required fitness levels to undertake the event. By returning your registration document and registration fee you are confirming that you have consulted your doctor (where necessary) to confirm you are able to take on this challenge. It is entirely your responsibility to obtain this and Advocate Events accept no responsibility should you fail to obtain the appropriate doctor’s approval to undertake the challenge.

The minimum age to take part is 14 years old. Participants aged under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

On The Event

You agree that Advocate Events and our partners are not liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or death as a result of participating in the event and you personally accept the risks involved in the challenge.

Due to the nature of outdoor activities a certain element of risk is inherent. Advocate Events and associated partners reserve the right to cancel or change the route for safety reasons should climatic or any other unforeseen circumstances deem this necessary. Their decision is final and no refund or alternative event will be offered.

If circumstances within our control end or curtail the climbs you will be offered an alternative date to complete entirely free of charge.

The Mountain Leader will make a decision regarding your on-going health and fitness during the event to ensure a safe environment for all entrants. In the unlikely event you are deemed unfit to continue with the event you will be advised accordingly. The decision of our staff is final.

Advocate Events will be organising this event following best practice guidelines and health and safety standards.

Participants must agree to abide by the decision of Advocate Events’ staff and associated partners. Any participant who acts against the requests of the guiding staff is no longer deemed part of this challenge and become outside the realm of responsibility of the event staff.

Advocate Events and associated partners reserve the right to refuse any participant and/or team on the day of the event where they reasonably believe their presence may have a detrimental effect on the quality or safety of the event. Should such a situation occur the charity shall retain all sponsorship monies unless directly requested by the donor to return them, in which case we will refund each individual directly.

By taking part all participants confirm they are happy for any photographs taken during this event to be used by Advocate Events to publicise events and Advocate Events generally.


Your event is covered with both public and employers liability insurance. We are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of you or your party not following safety guidance and advice, or any reckless behaviour, or for loss or damage to your personal possessions.
You will be entering the challenge at your own risk and agree that Advocate Events and associated partners shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of participation.
We recommend participants take out their own UK travel insurance to cover them for the duration of this event in respect of the above.
Your insurance should be in place when you register to participate so you are able to make a claim for the costs we have paid out on your behalf and take a place on a future event.

Photo ID

Photo ID is required if you are catching a flight. If we are responsible for booking your flight we will use the name entered on your registration form. Please ensure you have entered your first name(s) and surname(s) exactly as they appear on your passport or photo ID. The use of abbreviated names, initials or translations are not accepted by airlines if they do not appear on your ID.


You are responsible for achieving your fundraising target stated on your specific event’s page. In order to complete the challenge it is important that you commit to achieving this figure. Advocate Events reserve the right to cancel your participation should you have not paid the required amount of event fee and charity fundraising by the dates stated in the payment section above.